Pakistan Weather

Pakistan is a place of beautiful lakes, places, mountain.It is located in South Asia Zone.Pakistan neighbor countries are Afghanistan, India, China.Pakistani has countless beautiful place where a lot of tourist visit from around the world.Pakistani northan areas are much famous in the world.In term of visiting Pakistan is divided into TWO different parts.

  1. Visiting Southern Pakistan
  2. Visiting Northern Pakistan
  •  Southern Pakistan

Southern Pakistan ares are much hot especially in summer.In Southern Pakistan include Multan, Lahore, Karachi, Bawalpur, Muzhafargarh, Sakhar. In June and July Multan & Bawalpur become a fire and temperature hit 40-50°c which is externally hot.These areas has lack of water and cool air. Southern areas of Pakistan are popular for historical places.These areas are very suitable for winter session.

  • Northern Pakistan

Northern Pakistan are no doubt are cool, beautiful, and able to visit in summer session.Northan areas of Pakistan include Naran, Kaghan, Gilgat and Azad Jamu Kashmir.These are the places where countless peoples visit around the entire world.Northan Pakistan weather always remain cool and it become to much cold between September to march.Temperature go down to minus(0°c) and these places are not able to visit even their residential move to other areas in the cold session.

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