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Why Is Annual Property Maintenance Important?

Summer is coming and as you know its always good idea to check your house before summer. Especially you need to make sure that your AC system works properly. So, I invited one of my friends Jenny who is operation manager of a maintenance company in Dubai , Sir FIX IT LLC.  Here she will let you know why annual property maintenance is important?

Landowners are well aware of that appropriate and systematic property maintenance is crucial to keeping your home in fine condition. Many of you would agree to it that inspections are a vital part of maintenance because they aid with the primary exposure of problems, preventing them from intensifying into greater issues.

Importance of annual property maintenance

Peace of Mind: Having scheduled your annual appointments in the season for preemptive and corrective maintenance gives you a sigh of relief and takes off a responsibility from your shoulders.

Maintains Home Value: Halting any damage to your home will uphold the worth of your home. Hence, whenever you’d want to sell your property, you will be at the receiving end of a handsome amount. 

Improved Quality of Life: A fine maintained home is far more energy efficient, much less likely to grow mold or mildew as well as having quite less chance to root illnesses for its inhabitants. 

Reduced Cost of Home Repairs: Maintaining is less expensive as compared to repairing. Spend hundreds now in order to maintain your property or thousands later in repairs.

What to do?

One time in a year you should deep clean several areas around your home. Here are upkeep checks to calendar once per year in the correct season:


  • Roof: Examine the flashing and attics for impairment during the fall.
  • Windows and screens: Clean windows as well as screens, replace damaged frames and stiffen loose hardware each spring.Lawn aeration: During the period of Spring, you must
  • take time to redo the lawn to ensure the grass is as fit as possible before summer arrives.
  • Professional A/C tune-ups: Plan a service appointment with a maintenance specialist to enhance efficiency along with lowering electric bills.

About Sir FIX IT:

Sir FIX IT LLC is an emerging maintenance company in Dubai which offer house maintenance, AC maintenance services and Plumber related services in Dubai.

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