Lahore Smart City Payment Plan, Location Map & Booking Details

Lahore Smart City is an ideal opportunity for investors and buyers to get a plot with world-class amenities and luxuries.

Future Developments Holdings Pvt Ltd is going to launch another Smart City in Pakistan. It would be the second Smart City in Pakistan. After earth breaking success of Capital Smart City Islamabad, another Smart City is going to be launched in Lahore. It would be a great opportunity for investors and individual buyers to fulfill their dreams of living in such a high-class society at an affordable price. The unique and smart features of Capital Smart City Islamabad has made Lahore Smart City a greater success for the developer.

According to the management, FDHL has acquired 22,000 kanals land across Lahore Bypass. The residential venture is under development. The management has applied for the project NOC that’s under process at LDA and it’s anticipated to be issued within a month or so.

Future Developments Holdings Pvt Ltd: An Introduction

FDHL are the developers of this high-class housing scheme. It’s renowned for launching many other real estate projects successfully. Let’s have a look at the company’s profile to know in-depth about it.

FDHL is an organizational institution that’s considered the best professional property developers. It’s a joint company of two organizations: China Liaoning International Economic and Technical Co-operation Group Corporation Ltd and Engineering Dimensions Pvt Ltd. Both of them are basic business partners. Both have technical and leadership skills in the real estate business. FDHL is devoted to providing an entire Smart City with modern amenities and world-class luxuries. It’s the best example is Capital Smart City Islamabad which’s completely Smart City with smart facilities.

FDHL has divided Lahore Smart City into two zones: residential and industrial. Both of them are connected via GT road and these zones will be built around the Lahore Bypass.

FDHL aims to provide sustainable cities to the investors where they could have powerful economical and professional world-class luxuries and services. Every housing project by FDHL comes with hi-tech facilities, state-of-the-art urban planning, advanced strategic investments, and best architecture.

Design Consultants of Lahore Smart City

Other than FDHL, some other renowned consultants will help Lahore Smart City in the development processes. Following are they:

  • Cracknell
  • Surana Jurong Company
  • Harradine golf
  • Troon golf
  • DSA Architects International Company
  • Arquivio architects
  • Smart Future
  • Design Men Consulting Engineers

Location of Lahore Smart City

Location plays a vital role for investors and individual buyers. Everyone wants to invest his money in a profitable place. The first thing everyone will notice is the affordable price and the next thing is easy to access location. Lahore Smart City is located at Lahore By-Pass that’s easy to access by all major roads such as GT road, Motorway, and Lahore Ring Road, etc. The management has already purchased a 22,000 Kanal land at Lahore Bypass for Lahore Smart City. It’s one of the most beautiful locations near Lahore.

Master Plan of Lahore Smart City

The management didn’t reveal any particular information regarding the master plan of this housing scheme. However, it’s authentic information that it would have Smart Economy, Smart housing, and Smart Environment.

The official launch of the society will take a couple of weeks’ time. However, the management has issued pre-launched prices of the plots. The society will be divided into two main blocks: Executive and Overseas Blocks. The Executive block is for general buyers and investors. However, the Overseas block is for Pakistanis living in other countries. There will be a general block, overseas block, financial square, education district, health district, China Village, Sports district, and executive block.

The residential property is available in various sizes such as 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 20 Marla. Currently, the plots are limited in number. The overseas Pakistanis will qualify for a plot only if they reserve a plot in the Overseas block. On the contrary, the general residents can buy a plot in a residential or executive block without a lucky draw.

Lahore Smart City Blocks in Detail

Let’s have a glance over all blocks in Lahore Smart City to give you a clearer view of investment.

Gate Precinct

With the entrance gate of the society, the first block you will see is Gate Precinct. It will consist of luxury hotels, service offices, residential houses, and villas. You will also find here the high-quality food courts, retail shops, grocery stores, and a panoramic mosque.

General Block

Lahore Smart City affordable plots

The general block consists of affordable and low-cost plots. It’s a blessing in disguise for middle-class families due to the economic prices. The residents of the general block will get all the luxuries and smart amenities. It will comprise residential plots, apartments, mosques, and retail shops, etc.

Overseas Block

Lahore Smart City block for Overseas Pakistanis

It’s a premium block that comprises of residential villas and plots. It’s for overseas Pakistanis or for the people having dual nationality. It will comprise of all the amenities the overseas people are enjoying in a foreign country. It will have world-class hotels, restaurants, food courts, educational institutions, retail shops, and mosques.

Executive Block

This block will consist of residential apartments, houses, retail shops, playgrounds, jogging tracks, hypermarts, mosques, and villas. It will comprise of more amenities and luxuries rather than the general block. So, the plots in the executive block will be a bit expensive as compared to the general block.


Lahore Smart City also offers 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal farmhouses for vacations. People would love the serenity of nature around them. These farmhouses will be suitable for a get-together, family gatherings, and parties.

Health Care District

health care district

Lahore Smart City’s health care district is one of the major attractions of this housing scheme. A 500-beds hospital will contain all the health care facilities with specialized doctors and surgeons. However, this district will also consist of residential plots and villas along with some commercial places.

Sports District

The sports district of Lahore Smart City will provide you grounds and stadiums for sports and games. It will have a football and cricket stadiums, badminton and squash courts and a panoramic complex for other sports. The enthusiasts and professional players will have enough space for practice. Like the other districts, it will also comprise of residential plots and villas, cafes and retail shops.

Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley

This block will contain technical and IT-related work. The offices, software houses, technology, and IT operational offices and customer care centers will be an integral part of this block. Besides, there will be residential plots, a mosque, and retail shops.

Education District

It’s the learning hub of Lahore Smart City. It will contain schools, colleges, and high-ranked universities for higher education. Besides the educational institutions, it will also have residential plots in different sizes and retail shops.

Financial Square

Commercial Hub

It’s a grand commercial hub where the residents will find the banks, offices, conference and event halls, hospitality, retail shops, 5-star hotels, and other attractions. Besides, it will contain residential apartments.

Note: There is still no update regarding the commercial plots. Soon, the management will reveal it publicly. Then, we can update you regarding them.

Payment Plan of Plots Lahore Smart City

The management has released a pre-launch payment plan for Lahore Smart City. You can book a plot by paying a 10% down payment initially. After 2 months, 10% confirmation charges are also payable. The total payment will be paid within the next 3.5 years in affordable quarterly installments.

Residential PlotsĀ 
Payment Plan 3 1/2 Years
Sr. No. Plot Size Dimensions Plot Value R/P/MS Fee No. of Installments
Overseas Executive
1 5 Marla 125 Sq. Ft Rs 1,900,000 Rs 1,800,000 Rs 12,000 16
10 Marla 250 Sq. Ft Rs 3,400,000 Rs 3,300,000 Rs 15,000 16
1 Kanal 500 Sq. Ft Rs 5,500,000 Rs 5,400,000 Rs 15,000 16
Installment Plan
Payment: Overseas Payment: Executive Block
5 Marla 10 Marla 1 Kanal 5 Marla 10 Marla 1 Kanal
Booking 1,80,000 3,30,000 5,40,000 1,90,000 3,40,000 5,50,000
Confirmation 1,80,000 3,30,000 5,40,000 1,90,000 3,40,000 5,50,000
1st Quarter 102,800 188,500 308,500 108,500 194,500 314,500
2nd Quarter 102,800 188,500 308,500 108,500 194,500 314,500
3rd Quarter 102,800 188,500 308,500 108,500 194,500 314,500
4th Quarter 102,800 188,500 308,500 108,500 194,500 314,500
5th Quarter 102,800 188,500 308,500 108,500 194,500 314,500
6th Quarter 102,800 188,500 308,500 108,500 194,500 314,500
7th Quarter 102,800 188,500 308,500 108,500 194,500 314,500
8th Quarter 102,800 188,500 308,500 108,500 194,500 314,500
9th Quarter 102,800 188,500 308,500 108,500 194,500 314,500
10th Quarter 102,800 188,500 308,500 108,500 194,500 314,500
11th Quarter 102,800 188,500 308,500 108,500 194,500 314,500
12th Quarter 102,800 188,500 308,500 108,500 194,500 314,500
13th Quarter 102,800 188,500 308,500 108,500 194,500 314,500
14th Quarter 102,800 188,500 308,500 108,500 194,500 314,500
Total in PKR 1,800,000 3,300,000 5,400,000 1,900,000 3,400,000 5,500,000

Terms & Conditions for Booking a Plot

  • A plot facing the main road, corner, or a park will be available at an additional 10% cost. 10% additional cost is only applicable for plots 50 – 99 ft wide main boulevard.
  • A particular plot on the main boulevard of 100 ft or above will be available at a 15% additional cost.
  • If you make full payment, you will get a 10% or a 5% rebate.
  • A reservation fee Rs 12000 will be charged for booking a 10 Marla plot. This fee is non-refundable.
  • A reservation fee Rs 15000 will be charged for booking a 5 Marla plot. It’s also non-refundable.

How to Book a Plot in Lahore Smart City [Step-by-Step Guide]

If you intend to get a plot in the second Smart City of Pakistan, follow our guide for a successful booking of your plot.

Step 1: Make a Pay order of 20% down payment to “Future Developments Holdings Pvt Ltd.”

Step 2: Download and print the application form and fill out to provide all important details.

Step 3: Attach all required documents with the application.

Step 4: On the time of verification, keep all original documents with you and show them to the verification officer.

Step 5: Verify your booking by submitting your file and cover order to the Lahore Smart City site office.

The documentation and verification process takes one month. You will get the file at your mailing address.

Required Documents for Booking a Plot

The following are the important documents you require for booking your plot.

  • 2 Passport size photos
  • 2 clear photocopies of your CNIC
  • 2 Photocopies of CNIC of your nominee/next to kin
  • Booking amount of the plot
  • Booking form

Note: These documents are for booking a plot in general or executive blocks. If you want to get a plot in the overseas block, the proof of your dual nationality/residence in a foreign country is needed.

Features of Lahore Smart City

So far, FDHL Pvt Ltd didn’t reveal all the facilities and amenities the residents will avail in Lahore Smart City. However, they have given a few hints to portray a complete picture of the luxuries available in LSC. According to their information, it would be quite similar or even a bit more advanced than the Capital Smart City Islamabad. It promises to offer the residents all world-class amenities and a lavish lifestyle. The following are the amenities the residents will enjoy while living here.

  • Ecofriendly environment
  • Foolproof security system with CCTV cameras
  • Metrobus system within the society
  • Underground electricity, gas and water supply pipelines for a clutter-free environment
  • Smart/automatic street lighting system
  • Smart/automatic traffic control system
  • 24/7 power, gas, and water supply
  • World-class hotels, shopping malls, hypermarts
  • Panoramic sports complex, community clubs, and nightclubs
  • Serene and Green surrounding
  • Smart air conditioning system for all houses/buildings
  • Special Overseas block
  • Grandeur several mosques
  • Multiple parks and beautiful lakes
  • Recreational spots
  • Golf-course, Golf club, and horse-riding clubs
  • Smart WiFi System within the society
  • Resorts and restaurants
  • Close proximity to all main locations of Lahore
  • Top-notch infrastructure

Location Map of Lahore Smart City

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