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Top 5 Things To Do in Musandam – The Ultimate Guide

  • Dhow Cruises

Musandam is a region in the Peninsula of Oman characterized by many mountains and a jagged coastline. Visitors will enjoy their visit to Musandam as there are plenty of fun activities to indulge in, the most popular being dhow cruises. There are a handful of Musandam Tour Operators that specialize in providing this service to visitors. One is free to choose a suitable package and head out in traditional wooden dhows in the Omani Peninsula, under the guidance of traditional fishers. Holidaymakers can enjoy the dhow rides while savoring the surrounding beauty that is the fjords. The area is also a natural spot for dolphins, making it a sight to behold especially for dolphin lovers.

  • Mountain Climbing and Camping

Among the fun activities, one can get involved in is mountain climbing and camping. There are numerous mountains in the region rising thousands of meters above sea level. Adventurers are assured of an enjoyable time as they scale these mountains. Hiking expeditions are characteristic of the different packages offered by holidaying companies in this area, and one can expect to benefit immensely from the knowledge of local guides. Full camping gear is provided, allowing visitors to experience the outdoors at night.

  • Visit Archeological Sites

The Musandam governorate holds one of the world’s best kept archeological treasures. These sites are visited by numerous tourists each year. Lovers of archaeology would have their cup full as there are many places to see such as the Hasat bin Salt and the Wadi Al Ayn tombs, to mention a few. Visitors are free to take pictures and carefully inspect the ancient buildings that stand as a testament of the old civilization. Holidaymakers may even engage the locals about their rich history to get a better insight about the area.

  • Savor Local Dishes

Sample the local dishes prepared using ancient methods passed down through the generations. Cuisine lovers will be treated to an array of local dishes and get a taste of the culture literally. Among these dishes are goat and lamb that are sure to have you licking your fingers.

  • See Fjords, and Snorkel

Visitors can see the incredible beauty of the fjords while driving towards Khasab. The rocky cliffs and rising mountains are a sight to behold. At the bottom of this view are the clear waters of the sea. Numerous fishing villages litter the area. Fishing was and continues to be the primary source of livelihood for the inhabitants of this area. Other fun activities that one can do here are diving and snorkeling. Dive in and get a feel of the warm waters while enjoying the beautiful reefs. Lately, visitors from neighboring Dubai have introduced water sports in Musandam. Although this is not a significant activity on the waters, it is slowly gaining popularity among many holiday makers.

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