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What makes a good wedding photographer?

Picking a professional wedding photographer isn’t something that you do each day. Before you set out on this piece of your wedding arrangement experience it’s vital to decide the characteristics that differentiate between a skillful wedding photographer and a spectacular wedding photographer. In addition to the fact that it is essential to feel great about a photographer’s portfolio but on the other hand it’s fundamental to feel good and at ease with the photographer as a man. Keep in mind, your photographer will be around you for most of the day so the calmer and comfortable you feel as a couple, more chances your photographer will have to capture beautiful moments.

So, how can you choose amongst so many photographers? What to look for in them? Keep reading and find out.


  • Training and education


The best wedding photographer in town might not have a master’s degree in this field but it is essential that he has some educational background at this. Also, some training sessions supervised by senior photographers.


  • Experience


There are special photographers when it comes to capturing your wedding day. Make sure you go with the experienced one because some of them are only used to taking pictures in studios where lights and cameras are all in place. In addition to this, he/ she must be good at bonding with you and your spouse.


  • Credentials


If you cannot make up your mind between any two or three, look up to their credentials. It includes awards, covering in a magazine etc.


  • Equipment


Your photographer should not only own the latest equipment but also be excellent at operating multiple pieces of equipment at a time.


  • Professional attributes


You surely don’t want a photographer who keeps dictating you to something you are not comfortable with. He/she must stay calm and understand your needs as a couple.

How to hire a photographer in Dubai?

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