Bahria Pyramids Bahria Town Lahore Location Map, Payment Plan and Facilities

Bahria Pyramids is a unique presentation of Bahria Town where you can enjoy the Egyptian living style.

Bahria Town is the name of luxurious life with all of the world-class facilities and amenities beyond your expectations. It brings Bahria Pyramids with a unique and the same high-class way of living in the heart of Bahria Town. The magnificent and splendid Bahria Pyramids housing society has been built according to Egyptian architecture. It has the Egyptian pyramids and elegant Egyptian monuments like Sphinx and Cats spotted in the society. The royal outlook of the society makes you proud to live in. It was started in 2000 and was launched in 2006 for the investors. It is indeed a master planned community that was built for the people who have high standards of living along with high purchasing power.

Bahria Town Sector B Pyramids

Bahria Pyramids Location

It is located in Sector B Bahria Town that is the oldest sector of Bahria Town and located in the heart of Bahria Town. So, it is quite adjacent to Sector A, Bahria Town Lahore on a prime location.

Salient Features

Let’s have a look at the features of this splendid housing scheme.

Egyptian Civilization & Modern Interior

It comes with luxury villas of 750 sq. yards. The villas are unmatched in finishing and architecture. The exterior is absolutely like an ancient Egyptian pyramid and the interior is incredibly modern and heart touching. The opulent style of the Egyptian architecture with the outstanding services has made it an exceptional community to live in. Outside of the villa, you will experience the giant and large Sphinx and cats in every street here and there. The presence of Egyptian ancient monuments makes this place solely a rich Egyptian civilization.

Bahria Pyramid Villas

Basic Utilities

All of the basic utilities have been provided underground. The uninterrupted electricity supply, Sui gas, water supply is made possible. There is no concept of load shedding as the society has been provided electricity backup in an emergency condition.


The school for your children may be your foremost concern if you want to move here. The society has a shared school that meets the international education standards. It is located in Sector B and has a highly skilled teaching faculty. The way to teaching and the standard of the study provided here are up to the mark. The school consists of big and centrally air-conditioned classrooms, a science laboratory, computer laboratory, vast playgrounds and big halls for extra-curricular activities.


The hospital with the latest medical technology and equipment is located here. You are never far from your physician as the hospital has all kinds of specialists and surgeons here. You are provided with a world-class treatment by your physician. The hospital has modern equipment to meet the emergency situations. It has two modern ambulances to access the inhabitants within two minutes in case of an emergency.

Commercial Area

A wide commercial area with everything beyond your imagination is here. You can find here retail shops for all types of household items. A state of the art shopping mall is also located in the commercial area where you can find all of the top brands in garments, footwear, cosmetics and much more. Different banks and ATM points are also located in the commercial area.


Every sector has its own Jamia mosque. Bahria Pyramids housing project also has a grand mosque with elegance and modernity. The unique design and excellence in the structure have made it a distinguished one. It has a big parking lot and a large courtyard.


It is a walled community for a perfectly secure life. It has a foolproof security system for its inhabitants. You are absolutely safe in and outside your home from theft, kidnapping, robbery and other unpleasant situations. The security staff is high-alert 24/7.

Wide Road Network

A wide road network is present in the society. However, you do not see green landscaping along with the roads. The entire society is based on the civilization of ancient Egypt. So, it looks like you are roaming in an ancient colony of Egypt. No corner of the society is out of your access due to the road network.

Wide Roads Network

Post Office

The society has a speedier post office with the latest facilities. So, you are always comfortable to send or receive your education or official documents by post. The post office provides you with the faster services in this context.

Zoological Garden

It is worth noting that your children and you are going to have a great weekend while visiting the zoological garden of Bahria Pyramids Bahria Town Lahore. It is a great place for you and your family on weekends. A vast zoo having all local and various imported animals is a big source of entertainment and learning for your family.

Sitting Places in Pyramid Villas

Bahria Pyramids Lahore Location Map

Bahria Pyramids Lahore Payment Plan

Updated on 29/04/2019

Bahria Pyramids Payment Plan

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