Canal View Residency Bahria Town Lahore Location Map, Payment Plan and Facilities

Canal View Residency Bahria Town comes with exotic landscaping. It has been offered for particularly the overseas Pakistanis who want to invest their money in a profitable place.

Canal View Residency Bahria Town Lahore is a unique housing scheme among all housing projects of Bahria town. It is exclusively for the people who are looking for large formate residential plots. This is a Master Planned community with all of the luxuries of life you could never think of. The housing scheme has exotic landscaping and a golden opportunity for the overseas Pakistanis to invest their money in an incredibly profitable place. The overseas Pakistanis find the same world-class living standards here as they are experiencing abroad. They experience the same healthy and green landscaping around them in Canal View Residency as they are enjoying out of the country now. Here and there historical monuments, replicas of the famous monuments around the world will make your living more enjoyable and pleasant. The green landscaping around your residence and along the wide roads make you more fascinating.


Canal View Residency Location

As the name suggests Canal View Residence Bahria Town Lahore is located on the Canal Bank. It is adjacent to the Sector A Bahria Town Lahore that is the oldest and the most developed sector of Bahria Town. It has all of the world-class luxuries and the amenities to give you a royal lifestyle. The prime and very prominent location gives the investors a golden opportunity to invest for a high profit.

Salient Features

Let’s have a look at the prominent features of Canal View Residency for a clearer view of the society.

Basic Infrastructure

It has underground electrification, gas supply system, and water supply system and telephone line. So, you do not see a cluttered surrounding in the society. There is no concept of load shedding as you experience in other areas of the Lahore.

Serene and Green Atmosphere

Green Atmosphere

Being located on the Canal Bank, the atmosphere is perfectly serene and green. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city life, the atmosphere gives you complete privacy and serenity. The soothing and calming plantation leaves everlasting effects on your mind and soul. The cycloramic nature around you keeps you bewitched and entangled for a long time.


It is a gated community within the gated Bahria Town. So, you are safe and secure to live a royal life without being worried about unpleasant mishaps. The management has recruited active and very skillful security staff to ensure your security from theft, robbery and other unpleasant incidents.


As this royal community is quite opposite to Sector A, you have the best schools for your children. The community has a school according to the International education standards. The highly qualified educationists and the latest teaching aids make the school among the best schools in the city. The school has two education systems: O Levels and Metric. It is affiliated with the Agha Khan Education Board and has the modern syllabus to ensure your children’s brilliant future.


Canal View Residency has a hospital with the modern healthy technology and all of the medical and surgical equipment to meet the emergency situations. The hospital has a wide range of departments and experienced practitioners. It has two ambulances with the latest emergency equipment and skillful attendants.


Your fitness is the priority of the management. That’s why a world-class Gym has been set up here. It has all of the modern exercise equipment and a highly qualified gym trainer. A separate gym for ladies is also here.


Canal View Residency Parks

It has lush green parks with inspiring landscaping. The wide parks have long jogging areas, well-developed play areas for children, sitting locations and sideways for the people come here for recreation. The natural beauty of the green plants makes your moments more pleasant and everlasting.


The society has a centrally located mosque that is at equal distance from all residences. The magnificent architecture and inspiring design make it elegant. It has a parking area and a wide courtyard.


A world-class cinema with the latest technology is here to entertain you at your weekend. From the cinema seating to the cinema screen everything is high-quality. The best quality beverages and snacks available here do not affect your health.

Commercial Areas

It has a wide commercial area where you can find all kinds of household goods. The retail shops for grocery and other stuff are here. It also has an international shopping mall with all of the top brands in garments, shoes, cosmetics and other stuff. The commercial area has operational banks and ATM points too.

Depilex Saloon for Male & Female

The renowned Depilex Beauty Saloon has two branches here for male and female. So, you are never away from your beauty consultant. You can get a variety of haircut, hair styling, facials, makeup, and other services from here.

Wide Road Network

Broader Roads in Canal View Residency

The community has a wider 80 feet Boulevard with 60 and 40 feet of residential streets. The wide road network is present all over the society. No corner of the society is beyond your access. Due to the vast road network, the beautiful central thematic park is at a few minutes away from your residence.

Canal View Residency Bahria Town Lahore Location Map

Canal View Residency Bahria Town Lahore Payment Plan

Canal View Residency Bahria Town Payment Plan









Note: The Canal View Residency Bahria Town Lahore does not offer plots on monthly or biannually installments. You have just one option that is to get the plot on lump sum amount. You need to pay the lump sum amount on purchasing time.

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