Lahore Smart City Transfer Procedure (Step by Step Guide)

Shakila Nasreen

Lahore Smart City is emerging as the hottest real estate investment destination. This is the first smart city of Lahore and the second smart City of Pakistan.

Located ideally on Eastern Bypass Lahore near Kala Shah Kaku Interchange, this housing scheme is offering incredible living and investment opportunities. Lahore Smart City plots for sale are available in multiple styles.

You can book residential plots in sizes of 5, 7, 12 Marla, and 1 Kanal. Besides, commercial plots are available in sizes of 4 and 8 Marla. Investing in Smart City Lahore is a long-term opportunity that ensures high future returns. This project is exclusively planned according to advanced ideas.

However, many smart features will be available to the residents to upgrade their living standards. This place ensures a high return on investment as the value and demand of properties are continuously increasing here.

Lahore Smart City Plot Transfer

The investors of Lahore Smart City have already started reselling their plots in order to get a high value of their money. Hence. Lahore Smart City plot transfer procedure is simple, fast, and convenient. From the plot booking to plot transfer, the management has kept everything smooth for the ease of buyers.

This society has a significant appeal for local and overseas investors. However, Smart City Lahore plot transfer process is simple for both. Here is the step-by-step guide for Lahore Smart City plot transfer process!

Lahore Smart City Plot Transfer Procedure

 Before starting the plot transferring process, you need to have some authentic documents. The details of the documents are as follows!

  1. National Identity Card both of seller and buyer
    • Membership Letter
    • Transfer Fee paid slip
    • Outstanding due paid slip
  1. Get the transfer request performa by management
  2. Fill the form and provide all the required details
  3. Attach the documents with performa and submit to the management
  4. After you submit the transfer request, you will be issued SOD (Statement of Dues)
  5. The SOD will contain your payment history or the detail of unpaid dues (if any)
  6. Clear all the dues and unpaid installments
  7. After dues clearance, submit the paid receipts to the management
  8. The management will verify the receipts and then issue NDC (No Demand Certificate)
  9. After all the document submissions and payments, both the seller and buyer have to present in front of management on the assigned date
  10. The transferring officer requires the original CNIC of both and membership letter to proceed further
  11. Your plot file is then sent for the transfer procedure that consists of 1 month
  12. After that, a transfer letter and plot file will be issued to the new buyer

Lahore Smart City Plot Transfer Procedure for Overseas Investors

  • For Overseas Buyers 

LSC has a great investment attraction for overseas Pakistanis. However, they can also gain high investment returns through plot reselling. The procedure is the same as mentioned above. Hence, for the ease of overseas investors, the management has introduced the “Power of Attorney” policy. Through this policy, the plot owner can make another person his representative by providing power of attorney.

  • For Overseas Sellers 

For overseas sellers, a GPA is essential to acquire from the embassy or consulate of a residing country. This GPA is sent to Pakistan that is checked and attested from Pakistan foreign office. After that, the plot transfer procedure can be initiated.

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