Roshan Saremco City, Lahore Location Map, Payment Plan and Facilities

Roshan Saremco City is one of the best housing projects of Lahore with state-of-the-art development and modern luxuries.

Roshan Saremco City is one of the best and well-planned housing projects of Lahore. It is a perfect housing scheme for the residents of Lahore who do not want to live far away from the heart of the main city, but who want to live away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The society comes with all of the modern facilities.


It is located at Faizpur Interchange, only 12-15 minutes away from Mall Road, Lahore and District Courts, Lahore. Many posh housing schemes are located around it. It is near Lahore to Karachi Motorway and Disney Land theme park developed by the Government. So, the investment value increases day by day. You will get a higher return on investing your money in such a modern and mega housing scheme.

Salient Features

It comes with all of the basic infrastructure, wide carpeted roads, well-built walkways, parks, green patches outside the houses, gated community and a complete range of entertaining resources for the residents. To get the first-hand information about the prominent features of the society, let’s have a look at our cross-section of the community.

Mega Housing Scheme

It is indeed a mega housing scheme with the state-of-the-art facilities. It offers plots in different sizes according to your choices. The plots are available in 3.5, 5, 7, 10 Marla and 1 Kanal are available here in easy monthly installments.

Mega Housing Scheme

Basic Infrastructure

It comes with well-developed and underground basic infrastructure. You will get the water, power and gas supply systems underground. It has a central mosque for all of the residents. Education is, of course, another basic requirement for the residents. So, the society has its own school for the children with the high-standard education. Society has its own hospital with the latest health facilities. The LED street lights ensure a brighter atmosphere even at night.

Reverse Osmosis Water System

The society comes with the Reverse Osmosis Water Purification system. As you know that the supply of pure and clean water has become an enigma in Lahore due to the increasing water pollution. The latest Reverse Osmosis Water Purification System purifies the water from the unhealthy contaminants such as nitrates, arsenic, sodium, copper, lead and other poisonous chemicals. So, the water supply for the residents absolutely touches the international health standards.

Hybrid Electricity Generation

Roshan Saremco management ensures the uninterrupted power supply to your homes by generating its own hybrid electricity. So, as compared to many other posh housing societies, the electricity bill is incredibly low and the power supply is undoubtedly uninterrupted 24/7. So, you do not face the same annoying load shedding now and then while living here.

Foolproof Security

Your security is one of the main priorities of the management. So, the management ensures foolproof security of the residents of this society. While selecting Roshan Saremco housing society, you live absolutely secure in a gated and walled community with your loved ones.

Mini Golf Course

Only a couple of societies in Lahore are offering Golf course for the residents and Roshan Saremco is one of them. The Mini Golf course is a blessing for the people who find no opportunity to enjoy their favorite game while living in the populous areas of Lahore.

Mini Zoo

Although a mini zoo consists of birds, sea and land animal is added to the society but it is not as mini as you imagine. It is vast enough to give you the best time in the world of animals. It is not only a source of entertainment but also a source of knowledge for your kids to visit the zoo here.

Well-maintained Sewerage System

The sewerage system is well-managed to keep the society clean and green. The dirty water does not spoil the atmosphere.


The main parts of society are covered with parks here and there to make the atmosphere green and healthy. The pure air to inhale and lush green landscapes are sufficient to keep you healthy in a clean surrounding. Parks are regularly cleaned and maintained. Moreover, there are swings and other entertaining facilities for the kids. Of course, the jogging tracks are not neglected in them.

Wide Roads and Parks


The society has a big gymnasium to ensure your physical fitness. The gymnasium is for both the ladies and gents with the latest equipment.

Commercial Areas

The commercial areas include shopping centers, shops, markets, and offices. So, you do not need to go far to shop your household items. It comes with complete shopping areas where you can buy everything related to you and your family.

Society’s Own Transport System

You can access the society from one corner to another corner by using the society’s own transport system. So, no corner of the society is far from your access.

Easy Payment Plan

Roshan Saremco City Lahore

Terms & Conditions

5% Discount if you make half payment instantly.

10% discount on full payment in cash.

Corner plot extra charges are 10%.

Facing park extra charges are 5%.

Main Boulevard extra charges are 10%.

Corner + Facing park extra charges are 15%.

Main Boulevard + facing park extra charges are 15%.

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