Sector B Bahria Town Lahore Location Map, Payment Plan and Facilities

Bahria Town Sector B is one of the best housing projects offered by Bahria Town Management. It comes with the world-class amenities and luxuries.

Sector B is one of the hottest housing projects by Bahria Town after Sector A. it is equipped with all of the latest facilities and amenities of international living standards. All of the facilities and amenities are within walking distance from this community. It is well-developed and truly a masterpiece in construction style.


It is situated in the heart of Bahria Town quite near to Safari Villas and next to Executive Lodges. Adjacent to this sector, you can see the Bahria Pyramids housing project. So, the galaxy of three vital housing projects joining Sector B makes it a worthwhile place.

Important Features

Let’s have a glimpse of its important features to know how it makes a difference to fulfill your dreams.

Basic Infrastructure

It contains all of the basic necessities including the uninterrupted power supply system, water, and Sui gas supply systems. It includes well-managed water sanitation and sewerage system. As Bahria Town is the first housing community of Pakistan to have the underground provision of cables and basic utility systems, it also comes with the same facility for the inhabitants.

Foolproof Security System

The security system for this community is foolproof. A skillful and well-trained security staff serves you to ensure the elimination of crimes for the inhabitants.

Green Parks

The lush green parks here and there in the sector come with wide playgrounds for kids and beautifully covered green patches to be served as picnic spots. These parks contain jogging tracks, well-paved walkways, and sitting areas. You feel yourself in a perfect solace while visiting the community parks.


A modern hospital with highly qualified and experienced doctors is here. It contains the latest surgical and medical machinery to meet the international health standards. The hospital has a facility to meet the emergency situation 24/7.


It has an enormous mosque built on the basis of the medieval Muslim time. It reminds you of Islamic architecture and culture.

Wide Network of Roads

The network of well-constructed roads can be seen everywhere in the sector. You are at a minute’s walk away from all of the features and facilities of the society. The mosque, hospital, post office and other locations are quite at hand.

Wide Roads network

Post Office

You are never late to send and receive your posts while living in Sector B of Bahria Town Lahore. The community’s own post office offers you the faster postal services. Thus, it lets you send and receive your letters, official and educational documents in time.

Zoological Garden

A full entertaining and educational weekend in the zoological garden makes your time entirely memorable. The incredibly awesome zoological garden of Sector B contains the species of local and global animals to entertain you and your children.


The housing society has an avant-grade cinema to enjoy your time in a healthy and entertaining weekend activity.

Cineplex in Bahria Town Sector B

Depilex Saloon for Men & Women

Beautify yourself in leisure as it is your right. Sector B, Bahria Town Lahore contains the country’s distinguished Depilex Beauty Saloon for Men and Women. You get here all of the beautifying processes including facial, manicure, pedicure, party makeup, bridal and groom makeup, model makeup, hair cut and hair set and other services by the highly-skilled beauticians of the country.


Education is never neglected. A school with an international standard of studies is quite at hand to your residence. The study pattern, in-syllabus, and extra-curricular activities are according to the global education system to build a bright future for your children.

Bird Zoo Sector

Except for the main Zoological garden, there is a bird zoo sector too. It contains a variety of local and global birds from different parts of the world. According to estimation, this latest Aviary contains 65 species of the local birds and 450 species of the birds available in other parts of the globe.

Commercial Area

The commercial area is quite at hand with all of the modern facilities. The state-of-the-art shopping mall contains lifts and elevators. You can buy anything you desire. The exotic tastes of the foods in food courts will never let your palate forget them.

Broad Commercial Areas

Location Map of Sector B Bahria Town

Payment Plan for Sector B Bahria Town

Updated on 12/04/2019

Bahria Town Sector B Residential Plots

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