Sector C Bahria Town Lahore Location Map, Payment Plan and Facilities

Bahria Town Sector C is one of the master-planned housing communities for the people who want to live in a society where they could avail the world-class amenities and luxuries.

Sector C is one of the master-planned communities of Bahria Town Lahore. After the brilliant success of Sector A and B, Bahria Town management planned to launch Sector C with more perfection. So, a bigger housing project had been launched in 2004 to build a new Lahore within Lahore. It is fully developed according to the world-class living standards. The beautiful landscape and natural beauty all around make it more attractive for the residents.

Sector C Commercial Zone in Bahria Town


This housing project is located in the heart of Bahria Town. It is next to Sector B, adjacent to Overseas Enclave and Safari Villas Lahore. So, the prime location of this sector gives a golden opportunity to the investors to gain a higher profit. The commercial and residential areas of the sector C come with the up to the mark commercial facilities and unrivaled luxuries.

Salient Features

Let’s have a glimpse of the salient features of this housing project to make its blurred picture clearer into your mind.

Basic Infrastructure

The society comes with underground electricity, water, Sui gas, and other utility systems. Thus, it gives you a cluttering free and neat atmosphere. The power supply is uninterrupted. The sanitation and sewerage systems are well-maintained.

Bahria Town School & Medical University

The prime location of this community has a great advantage for the inhabitants. Bahria Town school is located near the entrance of the community. The teaching staff is highly experienced. The latest syllabus and the modern teaching methods made the school internationally recognized. Akhtar Saeed Medical & Dental University is located in this sector near the commercial areas of Block A and Block B.


The green parks on the main entrance and dotted on various places in the Sector C leave soothing and calming effects on your health. The healthy and serene atmosphere transforms the place into a dream island to live in a complete solace and unmatched luxuries. The parks come with walkways, jogging tracks and play areas for kids.

Mini Golf Course

Quite adjacent to the commercial areas, you will find the Mini Golf Course for the crazy golf players. Bahria Town stands first to introduce a housing project in Lahore containing mini golf course. Only a few living communities around the world have a golf course and Sector C Bahria Town is one of them.

Jamia Masjid & Sector Mosques

Grandeur Jamia Mosque

The community contains a grand Jamia Mosque with a blend of the Muslim and the modern architecture. The sector mosques are dotted in various places that are absolutely on a few minutes’ walks from your residence.

Women Hostel

Near the main entrance, the community has a girls’ hostel. The hostel offers the residential facility to the working ladies and the students from other cities.


Death goes on parallel to life. So, a vast cemetery has been included in the Sector C as it is one of the essential requirements of any housing society.


Adjacent to the Jamia Mosque, you can see a big nursery where you can find the plants at nominal rates. The nursery offers you a variety of local plants and the plants from other countries.


Numerous restaurants with the delicious tastes from oriental and English cuisines are set up here. You will love to dine out with your family in a marvelous atmosphere. The taste of the cuisines will never let you forget the time spent here.

Islamic Library

Islamic library has been set up here for the Islamic scholars and the people who want to quench their thirst about Islam. You can find a huge collection of books from all famous scholars on Islamic sects and the glorious history of the Muslims.


The zoo with a variety of sea and land animals is a noteworthy amenity of Sector C. You will see a large number of local species of the animals and the species from around the globe here.

Community Center

This sector comes with a panoramic community center for the inhabitants. It contains a vast area to organize family events.

Wide Roads Network

Entertainment Centre

The entertainment center comes with amazing attractions and rides for the children. The attractions include various mechanic rides, basketball, family games, prize machines, shooting games, redemption machines, and simulators. Very colorful and well-decorated event halls are also a part of the entertainment center for birthday parties, achievement award ceremonies, and school trips.

Location Map of Sector C Bahria Town

Payment Plan for Sector C Bahria Town

Updated on 16/04/2019

Sector C Bahria Town Residential Plots

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