Sector E Bahria Town Lahore Location Map, Payment Plan and Facilities

Bahria Town brings an idealistic housing project for the people who want to enjoy unmatched amenities and world-class luxuries.

Sector E is an idealistic housing project by Bahria Town Lahore. It is a well-built Master-Planned residential community that had been launched in February 2012. The unmatched luxuries and high standard amenities of this sector make you feel proud of your living standard while living here.


It is located next to Sector C & D where thousands of families are living a luxurious life in a healthier and cleaner atmosphere far from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

Salient Features of Sector E

Basic Infrastructure

The uninterrupted power, water, and Sui gas supply are ensured by the management. The underground infrastructure makes the society worth living. The surrounding is absolutely clean and uncluttered of the wires and pipes.

Bahria Adventura

Bahria Adventura is Pakistan’s first world-class theme park that features a wide range of exciting and thrilling rides that have never been experienced earlier in Pakistan. It has been built with the collaboration of Italian manufacturers who have given the highest standards of entertainment to your family. You find yourself in a unique kingdom where you feel your ride falling in zero gravity. You can never forget any moment spent in the wonderful roller-coasters, water-rides and elegant castles here.

High Standard School

The school located here meets the international standards of education. The world-class teaching methods help build your children’s future brilliant according to your wishes.

International Standard Hospital

Sector E Bahria Town Lahore contains a vast hospital that meets the international health standard. It has the latest medical and surgical equipment. The medical staff and doctors are highly skilled and well-experienced to serve you 24/7. The hospital has all of the necessary equipment to meet the emergency situations.


The community mosque and a grand Jamia Mosque are here. The Jamia Mosque is the best piece of the art with the finest quality of architecture. It represents the medieval Muslim culture with a blend of the latest emboss art.

Grand Jamia Mosque Sector E

Mini Golf Course

Mini Golf Course makes this society unique among all of the housing projects of Bahria Town and of other developers. There are a few housing societies in the world with Golf Course and Sector E and D are among them. You can enjoy playing golf here to keep yourself healthy and fit.

Food Court

A food court adds another star to the importance of this sector. It has a wide range of cuisines from the city of gardens, other regions of Pakistan and from other parts of the continent. You will never forget the exotic tastes of the foods available here. Everything offered here is hygienic and healthy.

Gold Class Cinema

Enjoy your weekend watching your favourite movie in the Gold Class Cinema here. It will provide you with the best entertainment with your family at the weekend. The family atmosphere with the high-standard cinema experience will make your weekend unforgettable.

Wide Road Network

The landscaped wide roads network with the community’s own transportation system makes the society worth living. The landscapes along the roads give a beautiful view of nature and satisfy your aesthetic sense. No corner of the community is undeveloped or out of access.

Wide Roads Network in Sector E


You are never away from your bank while living in Sector E Bahria Town. It has a bank square where you will find almost all banks functioning properly for their clients. The ATM machines and banks are part and parcel of the modern communities. So, you will find them at hand here.

Commercial Areas

The commercial areas in this housing project contain the shopping malls and offices. The shopping malls and supermarkets offer you incredibly everything you desire to buy. Almost all of the local and international brands are functioning here.

Bahria Homes

Bahria Homes is a smart community project of Bahria Town that lies here. This scheme offers 6 Marla Houses with matchless luxuries you could only dream of. The houses are idealistic and they have the modern architecture to inspire your sightedness.


A foolproof security system has been formed here. The security staff is exceptionally active and well-trained to secure you from unwanted theft, kidnapping, and other crimes.

Location Map of Sector E Bahria Town

Payment Plan of Sector E Bahria Town Lahore

Updated on 17/04/2019

Sector E Bahria Town Plot Prices Estimation

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