Shazia Heights Bahria Town Lahore Location Map, Payment Plan and Facilities

Shazia Heights, located in Sector D, Bahria Town is accompanied with all the latest facilities and the world-class lifestyle you could never imagine.

Within the gates of Bahria Town, a new city can be seen with the latest facilities and the world-class lifestyle beyond your expectations. It has the capacity for everyone including the royal, elite, middle class and the lower middle class. Bahria Town aims to perfection with luxury and modernity in lifestyle. So, it proudly presents Shazia Heights to the people who are seeking a golden opportunity to invest their money in apartment or shop.


It is located in Sector D, Bahria town near Overseas Enclave. It is on prime location surrounded by all of the modern residential blocks of Sector D.

Shazia Heights Location


It had been designed and constructed by Crescent Elite Limited, a UK & Ireland based company that had been assigned this project. Crescent Elite Limited had their first project in Pakistan and the company designed it according to the CIC-UK standards. It meets the international living standards as the management does not compromise on the health and safety of the people.

Salient Features

Let’s have a look at Shazia Heights to know more about the place.

Prime Location

The prime location of Shazia Heights makes it a worthy place to live in and to flourish your business. It is located on Main Boulevard quite adjacent to 100 ft wide road. You can directly access it from Canal. These qualities make it a splendid place for investment.

Terrace in Shazia Heights

Most Popular, Modern Society

The society is very popular among the investors and the people who prefer a splendid lifestyle with all of the latest facilities and luxuries. It has five floors and you can find apartments in different sizes on all four floors except the first floor. The first floor is specifically for the shops and offices.

No Load Shedding

It has electricity backup and thus, there is no concept of load shedding. It provides you with an uninterrupted power 24/7.



Tight security under the supervision of highly skilled security staff is ensured to protect you and your property. The presence of CCTV cameras in every corner of the plaza is ensured.


Flexible Installment Plan

Unlike many other housing projects of Bahria Town, it comes with an easy instalment package for the investors. If you are planning to get a place here, the flexible instalments plan enables you to buy a splendid property without facing financial crisis.

Huge Car Parking

Shazia Heights Bahria Town has huge car parking to avoid unpleasant parking situations. It comes with different sections where you can park your four-wheeler or two-wheeler.

Fast Lift for All Floors

The fast and modern lifts and elevators are available for all five floors. The lifts are wide and spacious to carry your luggage to your apartment from the ground floor.

Kitchen View

Various Fire Exits

This housing project comes with various fire exits for emergency conditions.

Business & Communication

The ground floor has ATM Machines operational 24/7 and the satellite/cable TV are provided to your lodging.


A splendid mosque is also present in this small community.


The beauty and modernity of the place are maintained with the help of a maintenance wing. The maintenance staff is well-trained in the work and they perfectly maintain the place properly.

Nearby Locations

The school with international standards of education (Sector D) is quite at hand. The hospital with the latest medical facilities and experienced practitioners is very near to the location. The best food points and restaurants of Sector D Bahria Town are not far from your place. So, you are quite close to the places you need to live in here.

Location Map of Shazia Heights Bahria Town Lahore

Shazia Heights Bahria Town Lahore Payment Plan

Updated on 28/04/2019

Payment Plan shazia heights

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